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"Lost My Forever"
i lost the love of my life, because i started to play around and or joke with his emotions. i said things that i didn't mean, and i lost him. He always told me that he knew i didnt mean the bad things i said, its that i get soo caught up in the joking around that i say wrong things to the one who was always there for me, through the good times and bad. I have known him for a very long while, His family is like my own. His sister is like my sister and i love them, but everything is gone away now. I feel like i disappointed everyone around me by this. I cant see myself with anyone else cause i gave my heart to him soo long ago, but now its getting harder through everything going on in my life that i dont have my best friend apart of it. I miss him dearly. but he said that he is going through alot so fast that he doesnt know about me anymore being apart of his life....
posted by Lauren (age 18) on 7/31/2008 @6:30:52 PM •
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