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"wut happened??"
so theres this guy and i trusted him cuz we were good friends and one night things lead to another and we had s*x and we went about being friends and then a couple of days later we hang out and then have sex again.. and then now we hardly tlk.. cuz we both told eachother this stays between us if it gets out then it gets out and well it did.. now its kinda akward between us.. what should i do.. and now my friend is trying to get with him but he doesnt like her.. i wanna ask him if he has feelings for me like i do him but dont know how to ask him.. please help me with this
posted by lanae (age 19) on 8/1/2008 @1:10:19 AM •
get him in a situation where you can talk to him alone and ask him what he thinks of you i no itll be hard just take a deep breath whats the worse he could say no!
posted by sophie on 8/1/2008
well i read your story and mines the exact same. well a little different with one of my best guy friends. but were still talking and still you know. but one of my friend friends is his ex. and baby moma. our secret got out to alot of people but nobody exactly knows they just assume.. if you still have feelings for him my advise is for you to tell him duh. i mean if he doesn't wanna "be" with you then theres nothing you can do about it. and if youre friend likes him but he dont like her then dont worry about it, its obvious he doens't want her nad he has to like you cause he wouldn't ruin yalls friendship over nothing. well thats all i can say :) goodluck.
posted by Ashley (age 18) on 8/1/2008
Don't assume that he likes you just because you slept together,
posted by Asha on 8/2/2008

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