family advice (post new situation)
so i go to visit my sister n law for 4 days in grad rapids i figured its summer i might as well see my nephew. well i come back hoome and my dad moved out and my mom has cancer how is a 16 year suppost deal with all of this. my mom is in denial andacts like nothing has changed but yet she made me call all the family. i mean i guess im realizing that i am stronger than i thought i was but i just hate when you can tell people feel bad for you. basically now all i am trying to do is stay busy with work and exercise till i can come to grips with tall of this because im guessing im still in shock since i havent really freaked out yet
the thing is though me and my mom aren't close its akward for both of us to even have a conversation. so this is big, maybe its going to force us to become closer. but i never thought in a million years this woul dhappen to me but i guess thats what everyone thinks
any advice of what to do do or even other stories would help
posted by s.m (age 16) on 8/2/2008 @1:25:07 AM •
i don't have a similar story to share, but that's got to be really tough. that's a bunch of stuff for anybody to deal with - especially somebody at your age. i'm sorry... you sound like a really strong person, but don't worry if it's all too much sometimes. you can only do your best to help, but none of this is your responsibility... hopefully somebody out there in a similar situation will see this one and be more help than me... just do your best to hang in there. sometimes life is extremely hard, and it's definitley that for you right now.
posted by jon on 8/5/2008
i hope you and your mom become closer. i dont have a story about cancer, but i did have someone very close in my family with a terminal disease. its tough. you just need to support your mom be with her through every step of this because that is really what she needs. you being with her is going to make her stronger, even if you feel its awkward being with will mean the world to her.

love and hope for the both of you.
posted by kayla (age 20) on 8/17/2008

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