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"first loves"
everyone has a first love right??? or that special someone u give it up to....well how come its sooo hard to move on after them??? and how can i?....i found out my bf of a year is moveing to another state i asked him whats going to happen with US "our relationship" well all he can say is "i dont know" then i give him a couple different ideas of either how we could end it or how we could stay together or just be friends and again all he can say is i dont knw. sooo how can i talk to him and how do i let go of a first love???
posted by holly (age 18) on 8/2/2008 @9:09:01 AM •
from personaly i think that if the love is there then dont give up and everything well work out on there time. Me and Myboyfriend went thru the same thing. He now lives in North Carolina and i stay in Florida. We live 500 miles away from eachother but i feel like he 5 feet away from me all the time. If the trust is there then dont give up on a relationship that COULD work out. Now i cant lie and say that it isnt goin to be easy and there are goin to be rough times. But if the love and trust is there then everything well be okay. And if this dont work out then staying friends is goin to be even more diffcult then datin in different states. I KNO. I hope that helps :]
posted by Alex on 8/2/2008
I say just give him some time. Some guys take difficult issues differently then girls. Let him think about it, because i would think if you keep pushing the question it would just get him mad and want to push the problem aside. as for letting go of first love... i can't really say. People will deal with it differently. I took it hard and I caused my boy a lot of trouble. But even though i've moved on I still love him.
posted by kajo (age 18) on 8/2/2008
Find out if he wants it to end of if he wants to have a long distance relationship.
posted by Asha (age 18) on 8/2/2008
You'll never be able to let go of your first love. You will always love that person. That's how it is. I think that you should just let things fall into place. If it's meant to be, it will be. Maybe you're not meant to be together. Maybe he'll move away, and you'll meet someone who makes you happier, without forgetting about him. I know right now it feels like your entire world is falling apart, and that you'll never be okay again, but trust me, you will. Everything happens for a reason. Even things that seem to hurt right now. It's very difficult to maintain a long distance relationship. It's not what everyone wants to hear, but whether you wanna believe it or not, everyone has sexual needs, and you can only go so long without it. And it's not even just that. Its not being able to look into their eyes and tell them you love them, or kiss them...any of that stuff. Why don't you just call it a break right now...let him go, just continue to talk on the phone as much as you'll find closer, I promise. You'll be alright.
posted by michelle (age 19) on 8/26/2008

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