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"love stinks"
Well, this isnt confusing at all.Well i was goin out wit this guy,and i was crazy bout him. There was a long distance then but mean we work thru it. I lived in Florida and He lived in North Carolina. Now i mean he was able to visit every month so I was able to foucs on school and everything. But anyway After about 3 months i was like a real big party girl. So i was hanging with my homeboys one night and i got real high and drunk that night and i was.....rap* :[. Very sadd. well i coulded face to tell him that night.So two nights later I told him everything that happen he was furious. So i ask him to forgive me for everything [[even tho i feel i didnt do anything wrong]] and he said he did. Well the next day he told me that he could do it. And he said that we had to take a break. So finally after that long week he told me it was over. Then I heard that he told everybody that he droped me becuz i had cheated on him. And now he refuses to talk to me. What do I do?!
posted by Alexandria on 8/2/2008 @9:11:42 PM •
Don't worry about him for a minute and think about what just happened... accept that this is the kinda stuff that happens to "big time party girls." You said it yourself, you got REAL high & REAL drunk, so you made yourself REAL vulnerable.

Then ask yourself did I do anything wrong that night? Once you admit it to yourself you can admit it to him, apologize, and that's all you can do. If he accepts it, then that's great, if not then your lifes not over, and you've dealt with the situation, you can move on...

Good luck, and I hope I've helped. :D

posted by Jenny (age 18) on 8/4/2008
Im all about revenge.If he has a car,take bologany and cover it at night so it sits in the sun,when he peels them off the paint will go to.or just confront him in front of his new girl,tell him he was wrong etc.
posted by leann (age 18) on 8/4/2008
Maybe after he had time to think and process the situation, he decided he couldn't trust you partying with your guy friends, but you wouldn't stop (because you shouldn't have to) so he let you go. Yeah its sucks, but you can't really do anything but apologize, accept fault (because even though you were high and drunk, you stilll did it) and move on with your life.
posted by Talia (age 18) on 8/5/2008
well getting raped is never your fault. ever. no means no, especially in a court of law.
posted by jon on 8/5/2008

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