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me and my ex were together off and on for 4 years and out of the middle of no where he tells me he wants to call it quits and he also was always accusing me of cheating when i never was im hurt and not knowing what to do
posted by beth on 8/4/2008 @8:04:39 PM •
Situations like these are always the hardest, i was in a similar situation, and without reading too much into it, maybe he's just ready to move on with his life. Or maybe he wants a stable relationship where he feels it won't be so on and off. Or maybe, and DON'T JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS ON THIS ONE, but maybe HE was the one cheating and he was trying to make you feel bad about something he was doing. Idk from my experiences in my short life i've learned it's better to just talk about it, accept it, and move on. it will absolutely be heard, and painful, but most of all you'll never know if you can be in a better relationship too, one where your significant other isn't accusing you of doing something you didn't.
posted by Talia (age 18) on 8/5/2008
First you should get him to sit down with you and talk to eachother calmly with no attitudes. get him to let you explain your side of the story. if he is still so strong against you and believing that you cheated on you(after you have explained your side with good evidence where there is no way that any rational person could think you had cheated) then he is keeping with that story as a reason to end the relationship for good. if he is doing this find a way to move on. you are much better and you deserve better. if by chance you did cheat on him its best to get the truth out. if you tell the truth there is still room to fix the relationship
posted by Heather (age 18) on 8/6/2008

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