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"Girl Problems"
I'm interested in this one girl who I think is an amazing person, so like most guys I make an attempt to get to know her and hang out with her, but she seems to be occupied with other things and shows minimal interest in hanging out with me. Part of me thinks its due to the fact we haven't talked in years, but another part of me is thinking moving on might be my best option. to be honest I haven't tried anything drastic, so it might just be me being paranoid. I don't know does any one?
posted by Zak (age 18) on 8/5/2008 @1:39:10 PM •
your being a bit paranoid, you need to built up that confidence! and go for the kill! trust me
posted by rebecca (age 18) on 8/5/2008
the best thing you can do is to come out and tell
her how you feel. girls LOVE honesty and 90%
of girls will give up a guy they're totally in love with
because they can't build up the courage to say
something to the guy or make the first move. She
may act totally uninterested for fear of rejection
if she does show interest. so she may be totally
uninterested in you, or she could be secretly in love
with you. the only way to find out is to come out
and tell her how you feel. You may get rejected, but
isn't that better than being shy and maybe missing
out of the girl of your dreams or the person you're
supposed to spend the rest of your life with?
posted by Heather (age 18) on 8/6/2008
Haha dude you cant even imagine how many times this has happened to me. I would suggest trying a little harder, make yourself known a bit more. Try and stand out, still being you though. If shes intrested you Will know, if not, move on man. Thats all you can do. If it aint meant to be, then it wont be. Good luck though man.
posted by Michael (age 19) on 8/6/2008
listen: unless she really means enough to you that you would be willing to fight her for her interest, let her be. looking for attraction that isnt there is like standing outside a dead person's house waiting for them to answer the door. you can knock all day, but they're not coming. i used to know a lot of girls like that - they just showed no interest. and i did try, but sometimes they just plain arent interested.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 8/6/2008

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