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"letting go"
so i turned 18 ya kno ended a 6 year relationship and im free but still living at home, and my mom wont leave me alone always calls me wants to kno where i am at all time, im 18? have a job have a car i have a house key bassically on my own? why wont she let go?
posted by rebecca (age 18) on 8/5/2008 @2:27:57 PM •
i'm going through almost the same thing with my mom. i just turned 18 and she seemed to become more controlling than ever. i came to realize that
its only because she has just come to the realization that after raising me for 18 years...i'm ready to depend on myself and leave home. the best thing you can do is go to your mom (without an attitude)
and discuss with her that you may be starting your own life but that doesn't mean that you don't want her in it. she won't be in every aspect of your life but she will still be included.
posted by Heather (age 18) on 8/6/2008
When i turned 18 i just moved out
posted by leann (age 18) on 8/9/2008

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