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"bills and life"
well i just had a baby july 2nd and havent been able to work i just turned 18 and my boyfriend hasnt turned 18 yet so he has a low  paying job which he hasnt been able to pay all the bills be himself  now were behind! do you ever get caught up? cause its not like we can put all the money we make in to bills because we gotta pay a babysitter and there is things she needs too.
posted by brittany (age 18) on 8/6/2008 @9:17:25 PM •
yes, you do get caught up. but it can take a really long time. you have to be careful about what you spend your money on... and as you get older, you make more money. it's hard to get good paying jobs when you're first starting out, so you just have to hang in there. don't buy anything unless you really need it, and you may have to survive on pasta or rice for awhile. it happens to the best of us.
posted by jon on 8/6/2008

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