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Okay.. So pretty much I found out I was homosexual when I was 14 years old and hid the idea of me ever coming out for 4 years. I dated two girls and was just extremely curious with my sexuality.. At the sametime though I didn't want anyone to know, it was seriously top secret because I was so afraid of what everyone would look of me. I am a big athlete at my school and a true true role model to all the kids around here. I volunteer for many things and am a big help in my church. So.. for me to hide everything I dated boys. I could never get attched to them and I even tried so hard to like them.. I seriously would try to find one that I could like and I just never felt the connection. So.. Finally I met this girl, most amazing girl ever. I have no idea why, but to me.. She meant everything from day 1. After 2 months, I wanted everyone to know that she was apart of my life and made me so happy. We spend everyday together and could not go a day without one another. I really don't think there is a single couple that could be any happier than we are. I know that everyone close to me knows how much she means to me, and that is the best part about it. I told my friends and they are totally cool with it, and everyone around town pretty much knows, and I seriously have not gotten any crap from it at all. My brother didn't believe me, but now does and doesn't mind. Both my works seem to be fine with it because I don't bring my relationship topics to work or anything like that. There is just one problem... I am scared ****less to tell my mom. So therefore I can't tell my dad. She just.. Scares me... I am afraid she won't love me anymore because I am no a "normal" child or that "perfect" little angel she brags me up to be. I tried so hard to date boys and just never could feel the connection. I have never even had sex with a guy because it doesn't even sound pleasing to me. I just want my parents to love me and accept the fact that this girl makes me SO HAPPY!! It's not that I am gay or lesbian or whatever you want to call it. It's the straight up fact that she makes me happy and I make her happy and when were together there is no better place I could be but with her. I just have no idea how to approach my mom... We haven't been getting along the greatest lately. It's not eve so much her fault, or mine.. It's both of ours. We are both just going in different directions in life right now and it stinks and I try hard to make her happy but I just can't or don't. I need advice on whether I tell my mom soon or just wait until I go to college next fall 2009. Or any advice would be great! Thanks
posted by Karla (age 18) on 8/6/2008 @11:02:04 PM •
hey, 1stly i'd like to say, you have taken the act of telling people wayyy better than i have. i have only told very few ppl and no1 in my family except my sister's boyfriend. i wish i had the courage to tell more ppl like you. i understand all of your feelings and how hard the thought of telling your mom must be. i've been struggling to tell my mom as well. i know she will still love me because hello shes my mom. bt its a big thing to do. i would say keep going on with telling ppl and let your mom know. she may be disappointed bt at least your being honest about it and im sure she will appriceate you having the courage to tell her something so big and hard to talk about. i think im going to try to do the same and tell my mom. bt i know it is going to be extremely hard. i hope this helps a little if at all. GOOD LUCK!!!
posted by lizz (age 16) on 8/7/2008
Parents are not as understanding to the fact that "we cant help who we fall in love with" this is true because every parents dream is to have a white wedding the traditional way one bride, one groom, or in my case the parents have strong religious beliefs that God created adam and eve not adam and steve, Being Bi-sexual or even "Gay" is something that has been a struggle for many people and well parents just dont want to have that sort of thing to deal with, In your case Karla you've already managed to tell quite alot of people which is a big step many refuse to take and well i see that your 18 which in my eyes makes it a bit better to actually come out and tell your parents, There going to be shocked but its not like they are going to abandon you or love you any diffrent, its kinda like telling them your pregnant, there gonna grow pale with shock but as you get further along they accept the fact and eventually support you same deal its just going to take time to get use to, but sooner or later your going to have to tell them, its better to get it done now and be calm about it and well take whatever they have to say into consideration because well they are going to have questions and of course comments. I hope this helps Good luck!
posted by Reign (age 18) on 8/8/2008

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