relationship advice (post new situation)
"what should i do "
ok i've been dating this girl for 5 months and we argue alot but its not like bad arguements there stupid and we love each other her mom doesnt' like me because she thinks i'm going to treat her daughter like her exhusband did her and so my girlfriend said that we needed to take a break for a little while and we still talk everyday all the time and i still love her and i told her i wouldn't ever date anyone else because she was the only one for me and she said that she might just to try her wings but she wasnt' sure and if she did it wouldn't mean anything and she told me i had to get my head on straight which i'm doing and i had to stop asking her back which i'm doing she said that she didn't want me acting weird and she still wanted me to call her and act like nothing has change but we don't get to see each other should i think there is someone else
posted by John (age 19) on 8/7/2008 @4:49:40 PM •
Well if she is "spreading her wings" then my assumption would be yes from experience
posted by Kelly (age 18) on 8/7/2008

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