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"my mom hates me...and she should"
I dont know what to do with my mom. It seems like arguments come out of nowhere with her. I just wish there was a way I could understand her and she could understand me. Today I yelled at her for like the 30th time this month and she told me she couldnt wait for me to go off to college so she wouldnt have to deal with me anymore. Ive hurt her so many times because of my anger problems and yelling at her that I could understand why she would say that, but it still hurts really deep. Ive apologized so many times that she wouldnt believe me even if I meant it. I dont know what to do. I dont want to start off college with a bad mother daughter relationship, but I feel like ive screwed it up already. What should I do?
posted by Jessica (age 17) on 8/7/2008 @9:32:35 PM •
My little sis has the same problem with our mom,i did to when i lived with her.Whenever she makes you mad,dont hold it in tell her rite then and there.Same with her.I dont know if the siuation is exactly the same but,my sis and mom piss eachother off all the time and dont say anything untill the wrong time,wich ends in an explosion of yelling.Im probly not helping by telling you this but it seems im the only one to respond.Have a deep mother daughter talk.Tell her whats bothering you.Same for her.If she drinks or does other,wait till her sober moments.Thats the best i can do.Good luck!
posted by Leann (age 18) on 8/9/2008
same thing with me, but me and my mom fite ova 30 times within 2 it could be worse.
my therapist says try saying thank you and please like use manors and start saying i love you more often. maybe a hug. start showing her you care. maybe you can change how she looks at you. try anger management it mite help in some ways.
and if that doesnt work just stay out late try not to be home that much hang out with friends all the time and maybe she'll want to see you more.
posted by mariah on 8/9/2008
yes well no matter wat your mother is going to miss you even though she says that she cant wait for you to go when ever you leave or go aroung the corner she is wispering "NO, PLEASE DONT GO"
posted by beckie (age 19) on 8/16/2008

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