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"Older guy?!?!?"
Okay, I am 18. But I kinda like this guy who is in his late 20s. 27 actually. Is that totally wrong? What should I do???
posted by Kami (age 18) on 8/8/2008 @12:52:09 PM •
Age is just a number.My fiancee is 28.And we have a baby.Dont sweat it.
posted by Leann (age 18) on 8/9/2008
I kind sort of relate. I'm 18 and have been attracted to a 27 yr. old guy in the past. However, I have a bf I care deeply for and the 27 yr. old was about to get married. I know it was just a passing crush and I let it go at that.
But I don't think there's anything wrong with you liking that guy as long as you're both single and he feels the same way.
posted by Kiersten (age 18) on 8/12/2008
I know exactly what you mean. I was attracted to a guy that was around 27 but then it passed. Now I'm dating a guy who is 25 and I've never been happier. It just depends on the differences you two have and whether or not you are alright with it.
posted by Kayla (age 18) on 8/13/2008
hey girl it's all cool. hell im only 18 and im with a 27 bout to be 28 year old. we'r about to have a baby gril in nov. and every thing is awsome. like you'v herd befor age is just a number. who cares what every one else think if you love him be with him. don't be unhappy just cause some one thinks it's wrong. It's what you think not any body else. (GO GET HIM)
posted by Kim (age 18) on 8/13/2008

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