family advice (post new situation)
" recently found out I'm bi.."
I'm just finding out I'm bi and i want to tell my sis in law I'm just not sure how to word it out like calmly tell her because she noes almost every thing about me and I wanna tell her before I tell my parents like a practice
but also i wanna tell her so I can tell some one I don't wanna be alone in this
posted by PLZ HELP (age 14) on 8/9/2008 @1:17:49 PM •
In my opinion,you shouldnt tell anybody intill your of legal age to even have sex.It dosnt matter if its a boy or girl.Somone will still end up in jail or juvi.
posted by leann (age 18) on 8/17/2008
wow kids are starting this stuff younger and younger .... 14 huh? ..... well i guess when you know you know. the best thing to do is just get her alone and be completely straightforward. you trust her, don't you? why should it be a problem? what is it you're afraid of?
posted by Joe (age 20) on 8/17/2008

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