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"My Best Friend or the girl?"
My best friend and this girl were dating for about a year and a half. They broke up close to 6 months ago. It was his first real girlfriend and he is still in love with her. She has told him that they will never been an item again. But he still has high hopes. The hard part is that I have liked this girl before the two got together, but I had a gf and I had no idea that she liked me. Now that they have been broken up we have gotten a lot closer and I'm pretty sure we are in love. I live with my best friend and he kind of thinks that there is something going on between us, but I deny it. I have been best friends with him for over 20 years. I hate lying and I want to tell him, but I don't think he will take it well. What should I do????
posted by Ron (age 24) on 8/9/2008 @2:26:16 PM •
ok, dude. i can say this, the girl doesent like him anymore, thats a given, she has fallen for you, and you her. its like this though, as much as it will hurt your friend to know about the two of you, you do need to tell him, if you guys have been friends this long, he won't want to give that up over a girl, yes he will be angry, but he kinda already knows, dont u think? he might not talk to you for a while, but he just needs time to try to get over her, see if you can start setting him up on dates with other girls, before you tell him.that will help, its like my grand-daddy allways told me,"the best way to get over a girl is to get under another one"lol, i hope this helped, if u need anymore help, email me..********
posted by john (age 22) on 8/11/2008
yes, well its best to tell him cause when ever it comes out, he will hate you for lying to him fo all this time just tell him cause for one he will kick you out and than never talk to you again....and i would hope that you would not want that a 20 yr friend ship is not worth loosing over a girl and this is a female and i said that
posted by beckie (age 19) on 8/16/2008

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