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"why would a dad lie about this..."
he just got back at 1130pm from a music old people type show thing with his girlfriend who was an affair before my parents split up and i didnt even hear he was at the show from him i herd from my brother who is younger than me and my dad said he had a job cause hes a limo driver i believed him, and he got back and said he's changeing for another job and then he went out side and i saw his girl friend get in the car cause he switched cars cause he has 2 and then he got in the drivers seet and left why would he lie about being with his girl friend, really WTF i dont give a **** if he does but he could ecleast tell me he is insted of lying. ya what ever if they go back to her house and screw he should lie or even ecspect me to think that but now i am because he wont even tell me he's with her...WTF for real
posted by mariah on 8/9/2008 @8:51:02 PM •
well maybe he is trying to spare you feeling he might not want you to know because, he knows that you love your mother and, he dont want another women trying to come and replace her.. idk the hole story so thats wat he could or could not be doing im not sure
posted by rebecca (age 19) on 8/16/2008

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