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"help please"
I am very unhappy in life and don't know what to do. I don't have a car or a drivers license and I hate capitalism.
I think capitalism and cars really hurts peoples lungs and the environment is adversely affected.

I am a female who is sometimes bulimic. I am going to turn 30 in august.

do I need to keep my job and save money in order to give myself a good home life?

I cant travel and explore and also have a good home. it is either one or the other.
I am at the age where I need to be thinking about providing a home for myself, right? is this my conscience talking?

I need to stay at a job that I sometimes hate in order to give myself a quality life? is that reality in America?
I have to give out so many plastic bags at my job. I am a vegan and love animals, want to save the earth and environment... but at my job I put tons of beef liver and chicken feet into bags for people (its an international grocery store tons of people from different countries buying meat & food)
sometimes the meet drips on my hands or the counter.

my boss likes me i like her. i like the people there.
but i feel so very depressed.

do i just need to buckle down?
my life is a poor person, depressed, not healthy...
i want to have my own place one day and become healthy.
i live with 2 other girls now, both have cars.
i have a boyfriend but he is a local musician who is really focused on his public image and never invites me to his shows. ive been with him for 7 years on & off.

i am terrified of the world, have a lot of anger and anxiety.

someone PLEASE tell me what to do?
posted by gia marie (age 29) on 2/11/2018 @12:09:57 AM •
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