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My mom is always putting me down. She says that I am a brat and even pinches me when I don't listen. There aren't any bruises, but it still hurts my feelings. She is always being negative about me, but at times she can be the nicest person you ever met. I don't want to overreact, but i don't know what to do? I really love my mom... I just want this hurt to end.
posted by Stacie (age 13) on 8/10/2008 @11:44:27 AM •
I've been in a similiar situation before. My parents passed away and I had to live with an aunt who always put me down and made me feel like crap. My advice with your mom would be just to keep your head down and put up with it if she;s not actually beating you or anything. Start saving your money so you can move out as soon as your old enough. If she starts to hit/ beat you, then you need to seek help. It's good to have a more mature, responsible role model that you can go to with problems. Do you have anyone like that? A teacher? An older sibling? Someone at church like a youth pastor or Sunday School teacher?
posted by Kiersten (age 18) on 8/12/2008
you know what keeps families together and saves countless relationships every day? communication. i give advice on this website a lot and i preach the same message to most people. you've got to talk it out. talk to your mom. make her understand what this behavior is making you feel. you're entitled to the right to express your feelings. you deserve to be heard. talk with her, and things will get better.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 8/13/2008
hey i went through the same thing kinda and now my mom is not here no more. Im just saying that even though she hurts you let her know, tell her mom you know that you really do hurt me sometimes and it works thats what i did, and you dont want to be mean about it cause thats what i did and i still feel bad that i can not even appoligize to her.. I regrect that i treated her bad cause she treated me bad, like they have always said 2 wrongs dont make a right so just sit her down and tell her..
posted by rebecca (age 19) on 8/16/2008
its your age.
i felt the same exact way when i was in my early teens. i look back on it now and it really wasnt as bad as i felt it was back then.
you really just need to find a way to vent. write about it, make music, listen to music, something.
when your older it'll be awesome. my relationship with my mom now is the best.
posted by Kayla (age 20) on 8/17/2008

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