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"do i really like 2 guys?"
Oksy so, i've been with this guy for about 4 months now. And its not long and we're quite young but i really like him. However now im starting to get feelings for someone else, and they both have said that they like me. And i really am close to my bf but im really starting to like this other guy. And its tearing me apart. What do i do?
posted by Rose on 8/10/2008 @1:25:57 PM •
I went through the same thing.same time period and everthing.I ended up with the other guy.Wich turned out good so far.weve been 2gather for over a year.But,it depends on if your having sex yet.
posted by Leann (age 18) on 8/11/2008
Well i just went through this same thing.. and you know the old saying of never leave the one you love for the one you like because the one you like will always leave you for who they love..well just think about that.. i was only dating my bf for a month and a half and i was getting really close as well and you know what i broke up with him cause i LIKE this other guy. well i like the guy but i just feel like i made a terrible decission and now i dont think it can be saved. The other bad thing about all of this is that his neice and nephew lived with him and i would always stay the night of course..they thought we were just friends...( one just turned 10 yesturday, on the tenth. and the other is like 8) so its hard..i felt so bad that i couldnt be there for his bday. damn. anyways.. just remember dont leave him if you do love him cause you just dont know.
posted by Tim (age 19) on 8/11/2008
ok well me i would stay with my boyfriend bcuz you 2 r really close and i think it would be wrong to bump ur boy friend for someone that you r stating to have feeling for.......and plus the only way i would brake up with my boyfriend if we was really close is if we got into fights and arued alot so you stick with boyfriend
posted by tali (age 12) on 8/11/2008
truth is we are all going to be attracted to others in or out of a happens but its when you act on it that it becomes bad.......i would say stick with the bf...but if your feeling for this other guy is larger than the feelings for your bf.....than go for it...just know we all have to make our beds and lay in it
posted by sarah (age 18) on 8/11/2008
i have the same problem. however i found out that some people can seem to be amazing at first, but some people are just really good at hiding their bad qualities. my advice is to stay with your current bf, but try to get to know both guys really well. then it should be easier to pick the guy you can see yourself with for a while.
posted by Candace (age 19) on 8/11/2008
Honestly you have to ask yourself this question. Do you love your boyfriend or do you see yourself loving him?
If you love him or see yourself being happy with him, then dont break up with him. I know you didnt say you might do that but Im sure you were thinking it. It's ok to have feelings. You're human. Dont beat yourself up or stress yourself out.
My advice is to not break up with your boyfriend. These feelings for this other guy are not going to last long. The fact that you're stressing about this proves just how much you care for your boyfriend. This other guy can be a good friend but I highly doubt he'll be anything more. Dont hurt someone that truly cares about you for another guy that wont be there for you weeks or months down the road.
And if you still dont know what to do...Just listen to your heart and follow your instincts. They'll never do you wrong.
posted by Cristina (age 18) on 8/11/2008
ok so here i go on a subject i am quit use to i mean really when it comes down to it if you are having feelings for someone else you are not in love with the person you are with now because if you were mint to be with this guy your with you wouldnt be having feelings for someone else mayb this someone else is the right guy for you you never know but yeah as i said if you were mint to be with this guy now you wouldnt even be looking at like option two and this would never be a subject for advice not trying to be an ass or anyting but its true i hope i helped you out a little have a nice day think about it and make the right choice
posted by brittany (age 18) on 8/12/2008

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