relationship advice (post new situation)
"so confused."
okayy..ive been datin this guyy for about 3 mths.. and i dnt think i like himm that much when he asked me out i was just like shocked and didnt kno wat to say bc i didnt want to hurt his feelings. and it seems like hes rlly attached and i try to make him mad at me but it just dnt work..and i cant find the right moment to break up with him...ive been prayin on it and i believe that god is tellin me i should end things..but he told my best friend that he has more feelings for me than he ever thought about havin with his ex who he dated for years...i just rlly need some help!!!.
posted by ashley (age 19) on 8/10/2008 @9:47:24 PM •
I have been in this situation before, and it may seem you'd like to make HIM happy. But in order to make someone happy, you must be happy yourself. You're obviously not happy... and if he likes/loves you as much as he says, then he enjoy seeing you happy. Explain it to him. If it breaks his heart, let it. It will make him stronger. And it'll make you a stronger person for being able to be honest. Honesty gets you a lot more places than lying. Just remember you're selling yourself short by making someone else happy before yourself when it comes to love.
posted by Chelsea (age 19) on 8/10/2008
ashley, you should just break up with him. he'll get over it soon enough, if youre feeling uncomfortable or just dont wanna stay in the relationship then be true to yourself; you are more important then him. break it to him gently and just say that you're always gonna be there as a friend.
if he starts harrassing you or begs, ignore it..
it will all work out.
posted by Sammi (age 17) on 8/11/2008
you would sacrifice your own happiness for someone else?

end it.
not only are you hurting him with this. your hurting yourself more.
posted by Kayla (age 20) on 8/17/2008

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