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"Dont Want this Relationship"
My best friend, ''sora'', was pressuring me to go out with her even though im not gay.
Now, we did and i confused feelings of friendship for feelings of love. She says if I break up with her she'll kill herself.
I figured I dont like her and only like boys but I dont wanna lose my best friend.
Please help... :(
posted by Rayne on 8/11/2008 @11:11:09 AM •
wow, i see youre in a delimma.
I'm not gay or bi but i've been in plenty of relationships with guys that are all whiney then turn out to be gay. :(

you should get out as soon as possible, Rayne.
she's controlling you, maybe not intending to but she still is.
you should break it to her gently but firmly; if she says she's gonna commit suicide, she probably wont.
tell her you'll always be there for her as a friend.
be honest, but not mean.
posted by Sammi (age 17) on 8/11/2008
well... if she's threatening suicide, it might not be a bad idea to tell her parents. i wouldn't want to be a tattletale, but i wouldn't want somebody to do something like that to themselves, either...
posted by jon on 8/11/2008
yeah, i've been in one of those relationships before. I'm not gay, or bi, but i've been with a guy that threatened to kill himself if i broke up with him. And, of course, i didn't want him to kill himself, so i stayed with him about 2 more months. but in those 2 months, i was completely unhappy! and then i thought, "why should i be so unhappy just so another should be happy??" especially since the other wasn't right in the mind if he was gonna kill himself over me anyways. so i broke up with him. and ya know what?? he got over it. i never talk to him anymore, but he's over me. but anyways, that's just what i did. i don't know the whole side of ur situation, but whatever u do, i hope it ends well for the both of u.
posted by Ashlee on 8/12/2008

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