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"bi curious "
i think i am bi but i am not for sure i am married with a baby but still thinking i would like to find a girl aspice up our sex life just to see please help
posted by vicky (age 19) on 8/13/2008 @2:06:48 PM •
See if your husband is into it. Some guys would jump at the chance, others might shy away. Tell him you're interested and if he is, give it a shot. Find a girl who is understanding of the fact that you're not even sure that you're bi or not and see what happens.
posted by Betty (age 18) on 8/13/2008
hey - talk it out with your husband. if he's okay with it, and its not going to disrupt your lives in any way, go for it.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 8/13/2008
First of all, you do not need to spice your life with anyone outside your marriage beside your husband. Talk with your husband about your sex life or go to sex therapoist but do not look for anyone outside your marriage. that is adultery how would you like if does that to you? Be honest with him and talk it over and pray over it . Take care and God Bless.
posted by Lana on 9/7/2008

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