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"My life seems to good at times "
Sometimes it seems like my life is just going to good. I have a great Fiance thats treats me good and im about to have a baby girl. We make good money and every thing. But every time something is going good for me, something always happens. And it's like im just wating for that one thing to go wrong. It scares me sometimes when i thing about it.
posted by Kimberly on 8/13/2008 @7:10:33 PM •
Try to just enjoy how good things are now. I know it's scary but if you worry about it, things will seem tainted. Let it be purely good and when bad things happen, tackle them then. It's not always easy, but just try to immerse yourself in how good your life feels now, not how bad it could get.
posted by Betty (age 18) on 8/13/2008
Unfortunately, that is the way life tends to go. You have to just remember that it doesn't stay bad forever. Think of a time when you thought life was horrible, it did get better eventually, right?
You have to try to focus on how things are, and know that you will be able to get through the bad times. Negative thoughts seem to manifest themselves, so try to keep them away.

Easier said then done, right? When you have a negative thought, accept it & reassure yourself, then dismiss it. Do not allow negativity into your life.

Try mediation, and pick up some books on Zen & Buddhist Mediation. I'm not pushing the religion, as I am not a Buddhist myself, some of their ideas just seem to help to calm negativity.
posted by Aly (age 19) on 8/15/2008
this may be blunt but, why are you complaining? Stop worrying about what bad things may happen in the future. theres no guarentee that anything will go wrong anyway. if you keep on waiting for something to go sour than you're going to lose everything thats making you happy.

so simply put, my advice is to make the best of now.
posted by Kayla (age 20) on 8/17/2008
same here.we just had a baby we have no money and barely have sex anymore.but i still love just gotta be positive.
posted by leann (age 18) on 8/19/2008

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