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"i need one"
i am 23 single going to school to be a firefighter and i cant find a girl i meen i can but no one wants to be with me they just want to be friends how do i solve the problem
posted by keith (age 23) on 8/14/2008 @11:39:13 AM •
well maybe its the way you act around them...just be your self
posted by Danielle (age 19) on 8/15/2008
I know the feeling. Maybe the right girl just hasn't come along yet.
posted by Cuff on 8/15/2008
Try to skip the friends part. When you meet a new girl that you fancy, hang out 3 times tops and then ask her out. If it doesn't work out, you didn't lose a friend. If you hang out much more before getting together, she will see you as more of a friend.

Also, try to flirt with other girls in front of the girl you have in mind ( not excessively ) it just remnds her that you are an eligible bachelor, and shows her that other girls have an interest. She, hopefully, will revert to the child like mentality - if someone else wants it, now she wants it too.
posted by Aly on 8/15/2008
so here's the deal; you need to stop worrying about having a girlfriend. when someone special comes along you'll both know it. patience is key. enjoy being single, who says you have to have someone to be happy?
posted by Kayla (age 20) on 8/15/2008
I think it's all about finding someone that you share a connection with. I know, that's probably the most typical answer that you can get from a woman, but still... Maybe you shouldn't put yourself out there as wanting to find a girlfriend, maybe you need to relax in your searches and let her come to you. I can tell you one thing, if you find a woman you're attracted to, don't hide it from her. Show her you're interested, but don't be overly creepy about it, no one likes a stalker. But...little things, like smiling at her for no reason other than she looked at you. But you're not going to find anyone by searching desperately.
posted by Cory (age 18) on 8/15/2008
well i think you should just continue being your self and you will fine the right girl just for you or you can even try to switch up your style a bit and see what happens and have more confidence in your self girls like guy with confidence
posted by octavia on 8/15/2008
Confindence is key. Be confident with yourself and girls will be all over you. If you think you are condident already try another appraoch like ask to go out and do something original. movies and dinner is so cliche. do something where you can go talk so she can get to know you.
posted by dani (age 19) on 8/15/2008
hey i think its really cool that your going to be a firefighter, i always thought they were hot.. anywho hve you tried just being your self around the girls?
posted by tanya anne (age 18) on 8/15/2008
All I can tell you is that it will be alright. I understand I am in school to. It's hard but there is someone for everyone, it just takes some of us longer to find each other. I don't have that other person right now ether. Take care study hard and stay on top of your school. It will all come in time.
posted by Jennifer (age 19) on 8/15/2008
awww keith you will you just have patience and the right chickee will come she will be quite beautiful to you!!!
posted by TIffany (age 19) on 8/15/2008
Hi, well it depends. Do you ever put yourself out there too get a gf?
If you don't go around "trying", too be friends with girls.
You won't find any succsess in getting one.
Maybe try something new find new cloths you like or go too different places too find the girl you think, you'd like too meet.
Like what kind of girl are you looking for suppose?

A girl who is laided back and calm?
Girl who is hyper and fun?

Certain things like this matter.
posted by Ashley (age 18) on 8/15/2008

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