relationship advice (post new situation)
"a girl"
well there is this girl i like. we have madeout sometime you know?. I just dont know how to tell her i like her exactly...advice please?
posted by Josh (age 20) on 8/15/2008 @3:29:36 PM •
Make light of the situation in front of her. Don't make fun of the fact that it happened, but a slight joke when the time is right. Judge her reaction.

Also, if you are good friends with any of her friends, they may be able to key you in.

Another thing, talk about another girl in front of her, not explicitly .. Something as simple as, such and such wants me to pick her up from the bar.. If she wants you, you will notice an immediate change in her demeanor.
posted by Samantha on 8/15/2008
Honestly, if you can make out with her, you should be able to talk to her. Just start talking and casually bring up relationships and just tell her. If she says she likes you back then,yayyy. lolll. But if she doesn't like you,then move on,there's other people out there! (:
posted by Kirby on 8/15/2008
okay. you're twenty, you've made out., and you dont know how to tell her you like her?
that makes no sense to me.
for one. she knows. and two. shes waiting for you to tell her. you just need to talk with her. . .
posted by Kayla (age 20) on 8/17/2008

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