relationship advice (post new situation)
I just broke up with a greatttt guy who I dated for 9 (a week away from 10) months. I broke up with him on the first day of high school. :|

Anyways, I really want the experience of dating around but not being known as a skankkkkk. But it's weird,I never really had to work at getting a guy,they've always kinda come to me,and I've always turned them down until HE came along,but now we're over and he was my only boyfriend and I don't have much experience on how to get another.

Any tips?
Thanks! (:
posted by Kirbyyy. (age 14) on 8/15/2008 @3:37:43 PM •
YOU'RE 14! you can do what you want with dating. you're only a skank if you're having sex with all these guys. theres nothing wrong with dating around. thats a mistake i made growing up. thinking i needed to be with one guys for years and years. dont worry about it.
and on how to get another boyfriend? you said boys come to you, right? just be friends with them and if you feel you have a connection with them go for it!
have fun while you can girl!
posted by Kayla (age 20) on 8/17/2008

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