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"confused on guys "
m looking for a guy whos sweet caring, funny easy to talk to.can get along with, but every guy i have been with have been real jerks...i just want one guy to prove it all wrong, help me please.
posted by tanya anne (age 18) on 8/15/2008 @6:12:56 PM •
finding a good man sucks! it seems like if they have those qualities they arent as attractive as the ones that treat you horribly.
so, maybe we all need to look past our shallowness and find someone who will just treat us like a queen, right? looks arent everything. im not saying go out and date an ogre. just give guys you normally would think of as 'just a friend' a try.
posted by Kayla (age 20) on 8/17/2008
i met my current boyfriend through a friends ex.
He's great. But hes not the usual typr that i date.
Sometimes I look at him and i wonder why i'm with him.
But thats just me being shallow.
Hes not bad looking at all...just not gorgeous.
what im saying is I would personaly like to be treated right than hurt
posted by lauren (age 18) on 8/25/2008
Finding a good man is not an easy task. Nowdays, a lot of men do not know nor they care on how to treat a girl a lady. I feel is the way they are been raised nwdays and how so many women just give him to them that they just do not want to bother finding out about us. I am not telling you all this so you lose hope but to be careful. You do not need a jerk in your life and there are plenty of them around. When you meet someone study them carefully. Ask them questions and put them to the test. If they do not want to oh well their lost. You need to find someone with good qualities and whatever you do not lower your standards. Have a picture of what you want in your mind and do not settle for less because of fear of being alone. I experienced that and ended up with nothing. I learned through my hard lesson that one must not settle for garbage. It is better to be alone that in bad company. Sometimes, we do not want to be alone and grab the first jerk that come by and the results are not good. Learn to look out for yourslef because that jerk is not going to look out for you he just want a good time. So, be selective and pray about it. Take care and God Bless.
posted by Lana on 9/7/2008

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