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"Prince Charming. . ."
I'm 19, very pretty. I am in school. I want to find my Prince Charming to spend my free time with. I don't know what to do. I wan't a guy with goles. Help me.
posted by Jennifer (age 19) on 8/15/2008 @6:19:33 PM •
Ok.What the hell?1st of its goal.And you dont need prince charming hunny.You need to finish school.I found my prince charming in the 11th grade. now i have a kid.And you seem very into youself.guys dont like that.Well some do.The idiots.More commonly known as jocks.
posted by L (age 26) on 8/16/2008
hey you will find someone...dont worry about you finding him he will come to you.....

want to talk to me any other time...add me on myspace

posted by Joshua Caine (age 19) on 8/16/2008
prince charming is not what you want, because he is a womanizer, any guy who knows what to say and how to say it is not what you want. if you stop worring about finding someone and focus on your studies the man you are searching for is likely to appear. there is no rush to find him, you have all your 20's for that.
posted by francesca on 8/29/2008

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