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I have two job offers on the back of a terrible resignation in December '17. Both are fixed term supply for schools.

School A
Rated 'Inadequate' and in Special Measures.
Inner London
Had an interview there, went really well and school is accessible
Offering 3 days per week ~AT~ 180 per day, huge flexibility
Willing to offer work until the end of the academic year

School B
Rated 'Good'
Outer London/Fringes, technically in Surrey?
Have not had interview there, was arranged over the phone
5 days a week so likely full time but negotiated up to 170 per day, difficult to get to...
Only offering up to Easter break to begin with (6 weeks?) but possibility of extension beyond.

Which do I take? Also, I ****ing hate teaching after my last job, and School B is highly likely to be a ****epile like my last school with domineering, close-minded, little-Englanders lording their fat pensions over people.

Any suggestions much appreciated.
posted by JP (age 30) on 2/12/2018 @9:30:49 AM •
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