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"Am i a bad Mom/Wife?"
My daughter fell of the couch this morning.I was in my room laying down.Shes okay.But im not.I didnt feel the way i should have.i wasnt paniced.And i didnt freak.Then later she started fussing and i just got mad at her.I dont think i have the mom thing.I love her but not so much im gunna bust.I realy dont feel that way about my fiancee anymore either.When we had her i think it drove us apart instead of togather.I dont get it.This isnt how things should be.Our sex life has decreased dramaticly.Not because shes always in the way or anything like that.He just doesnt want to anymore.I think its the way i look now.My body didnt react good with the pregnancy.I dont know.Can anyone help??
posted by Leann (age 18) on 8/18/2008 @8:44:28 AM •
well first of all many woman during pregancies really hate the men who get them that way.....and ur not a mad mom......ur just not all over the kid....everything w betterill get
posted by sarah (age 18) on 8/18/2008
Hey i would say next time that your baby is asleep on the couch, put pillows around her,and its not that you are a bad mom you just may need a little but more patience i will pray for you!

posted by Danielle (age 18) on 8/18/2008
i have two kids and i've been married for 3 years n this part of your life is normal! instead of just letting your self feel that way try to make urself happy so that you can get better relationship with your husband and child. go get your hair done or some new clothes then plan a date with your man, that should rekindle things and if you guys are feeling tense around each other drink a lil wine to loosen you guys up so that you can communicate and find the love you had. being a parent adds stress but it can be done. my husband works n does schooling and i do the same and we still make time for us and the kids. with the kid problem a few hours away will defiantly make you miss your baby.
posted by ruby (age 20) on 8/19/2008
your not a bad mom for not feeling the way you do. your young (like me) and need preactice is all. every mom in the world had to learn about things like the pillows will keep your nany from falling, and how to have a relatioship and a baby. just because you havent gotten it all figured out yet doesent mean your a bad mother. it means your still learning. as for your man, get a babysitter and have a night to yourself. 1. you will be suprised how much you miss your baby. 2. you will have time alone to be flirty and loving with him. I am still pregnant so i still hold some resentment about being twice my normal size. my fiance didnt want to have sex either but after a few weeks of not doing anything and little change in my appearance (some eyeliner and lipgloss, and acually trying to match the clothes i wear) he was back to his usual **** self. as far as your body not being the same, i promise, it will go back. you just have to give it a little time and a little work.
posted by leanne (age 19) on 8/20/2008

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