family advice (post new situation)
"my family acts like they hate me"
everyone in my family treats me horribly. i cant stand it and im constantly calling my fiance in tears. my mom always puts me down and my stepdad tells me ill never be good for anything but opening my legs. which really hurts cause up until recently i was stilll a virgin. my parents have both kicked me out atleast once, my mom twice. my stepmom doesnt like me and convinced my father i was pregnant. again i was still a virgin. and even my grandfather picks my pothead brother over me. i dont know what to do anymore
posted by heather on 8/18/2008 @12:08:07 PM •
uh,if you have a fiancee live with him.duh.unless your under age.the you shouldnt even be having sex.they obviusly have a reson for this teasing im sure its not becaus they hate you.
posted by leann (age 18) on 8/19/2008
my cousin went thourgh the same thing!
and she hated it. so she packed up her stuff and went to stay with a friend
posted by gab on 8/22/2008
I'm so sorry you are going through so much. You sound like a decent person. Have you thought about going to a counselor at school or a social worker. your stepdad sound like a real jerk and should not be talking to you that way nor your mom. They could get in a lot of trouble for just talking to you the way they do. I do not know how old are you but have you thought of working maybe just part-time to get away from that abuse. Because it is abuse, verbal abuse and you shuld not sit there and take it. They are putting down that horrible they are monsters. Sometimes emotional abuse it's worst that physical abuse. So, talk to a professional about this like a teacher, conselor at school or social worker. Again, you should not put up with that at all . Remember, you are a child of God and deserve respect and love not abuse. Try to set goals and plan to get out of that situation away from them. They are sick and do not want the best for you as they should. That is the best best advice I can give you. You also need to pray to God about this he can give a much better advice that I can. Consult with your pastor that is also another idea. In the meantime, know that I'll be praying for you, stay strong. Take care and God Bless.
posted by Lana on 9/7/2008
Heather, This is hard, but you can not allow these people to treat you this way. You must remove yourself from them. Move out of state--don't give them an address or phone number--then create your own" family" of people who DO like and care for you. Get busy on the net finding jobs in an area you would like to live in. Try to save some money. You will be OK. It may take a little time, but you will be proud of your self in the end.
posted by Bev on 9/15/2008

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