relationship advice (post new situation)
i'm crazy about my ex boyfriend, even though he was a jerk. He would randomly touch me ( poke and touch my boobs) when i told him not to. He knew that i hated it yet continued to do it. I broke up with him and when i did i was asked out by this guy i use to like in school so i said yes. however things arent turning out the way i expected. The guy from school is boring and it seems like he's eager to show me off to his friends by asking if i want to go on double dates almost everyday even though i told him i'm not really comfortable with that yet. i miss my ex and how i never use to be shy around him which is a very important thing to me. i find myself giggling like a little girl with this new guy and i don't really like it. . i don't know what to do.
posted by jessica on 8/18/2008 @1:48:04 PM •
seems like you've already made your decision...why are you asking? you'd rather be with a guy that doesnt repect you and randomly gropes you than be with someone who is eager to show you off....
yeah... you have it rough....
posted by Kayla (age 20) on 8/18/2008
dude.stay with the one that wants to show you least he respects you.hes proud of his woman.
posted by leann (age 18) on 8/19/2008
okayy. i think that youuu should end it with this new guyy and go back to your ex and explain to himm youll only go back out with himm if he keeps his hands to himself...thats all there is to it.
and if he cant respect your wishses then youu need to drop himm and find someonme new yyou wont get bored with and youu wann abe with not someone you feel like you have to be with.!!..=]]
posted by teela (age 17) on 8/21/2008
been there done that
You don't need to be with your ex thats forsure.
You've told him to stop repeativly n he still wouldn't stop.
sweetie use some common sense it'll save you alot of grief.
Nd with this new guy why are you giggleing like a little girl if you don't like him?
But if your not feeling him then break it off.
Take a break from guys or something until your ready for a new relationship.
Remember there's a reason you broke up with your ex.
posted by lauren (age 18) on 8/25/2008

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