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how do you leave your new puppy at home for the first time?
posted by Sarah on 12/27/2007 @8:20:34 PM •
it's not easy! just make sure your little friend has plenty of toys to play with and a comfortable bed...
posted by jake on 12/28/2007
the thing about a new puppy is they need a small room like a laundry and a cumfy place to sleep with some toys and water and a little bit of biscuit. they need light or an open window and you need to put them away about 10 mins before you leave because they will get anxiety if you leave them suddenly. if they can hear your still in the house then they are less likely to freak when you leave. But as they get older this wil stop them from misbehaving and constantly barking cause they know youve stepped out and they understand your coming back.
posted by Jessica on 12/29/2007

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