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"they think its phase"
well I'm a lesbian and just told some of my fam. but a couple of my family members think its a phase. But I told them it's not but they don't believe me. I was hopeing they would just eccept it but my dad said i should foreget about it I didnt think hed care cause he already has anuf neices and nephews. how can i convince them its not a phase and just to eccept it
posted by cant say on 8/21/2008 @1:32:29 PM •
well since i dont no how old you are i cant say much.get a gf.i geuss.thats wat i would do
posted by leann on 8/22/2008
he's got it backwards: his reaction to your being gay is a phase. it happens to many many parents and other family members of out-comers. its like grief - there are stages that a person naturally progresses through. one of these is denial. anybody who knows anything about psychology knows how common it is for people who can't deal with something to just assume it isnt true. but as time goes by, and you're still gay, he's not really going to have any choice but to move on to the next stage, and accept it. you dont have to worry about it. he'll figure it out. think about it: years from now when you've got a long-term partner and you havent been with a man that whole time, can he really say it's a phase? you're fine. just let him get over it in his own time.
posted by joe (age 20) on 9/21/2008

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