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"Should I start a new Master's program"
I started a Master's in Public Administration. I dropped out because I didn't like it and didn't feel I gained much, but then I started again because I had finished most of it. I tried to finish my last course, a thesis, but my thesis committee basically screwed me over and was never around.
I was fed up, so I applied to another school and was accepted. It's a program that's really different and I think I will gain many skills from, unlike my public admin program.
I have now been given the opportunity to complete my Public Admin degree with an internship (a new dept in my job). I could complete it this semester, but I will again have to pay for 6 credit hours, $1400.

Pros: I will have my degree this fall, my work won't go to waste
Cons: I will have to pay $1400 for soemthing I don't know if I can use, I will have to divert time away from my new program
posted by shamieya on 8/25/2008 @5:49:41 AM •
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