relationship advice (post new situation)
"what is wrong with me?"
i feel so different than i used to.
It's hard to explain.
I was dating this guy for three years,stuff happend and now we are not together anymore.
Well i've just recently started dating devan.
He's wonderful. He listens when i speak and i have a feeling that he would do anything for me.
He has a three year old son who's adorable.
I don't mind this at all.
I love the kid already.
But the thing is even with all off his good aspects i can't trust him.
I try but i can't.
And not to be mean but he's not my usual type. I'm being clingy with him.
It has to be something to do with myself i'm sure.
I don't feel unconfident but nore do i feel ****y.
I'd be to embarassed to try and talk to him about it.
The only thing that i can think to do is to give myself some space from him until i can clear my head. would be nice
posted by Lauren (age 18) on 8/25/2008 @9:20:51 PM •
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