relationship advice (post new situation)
"im so in love with two"
ok there are these two boys you see and i love them both but i just dont now wich one to chose there both nice and sweet the first boy is romantic and shy and number 2 is sweet and funny they both seem so rite for me but i just dont now wich one two pich i just whish i chould have theme both man im so in love with number 1 and 2 please help me i need advice.
posted by cristal on 12/27/2007 @9:29:37 PM •
ok, heres the thing.
im 18 and ive never been in the exact situation but i think u need to sit down and write down which one:
your usually more excited to see
your more comfortable telling things to
you have more fun with
and u must b physically attracted to them or it wont work. I know that sounds shallow but Ive had expereince in this area.
posted by N. on 12/28/2007
okay i have been in this situation before......depending if sex is involved u have to find out wether they actually like you or they just want something from you. If your younger than that stage then the best thing to do would be take them out (seperately of course lol) on the same date. See which one makes the best of the situation and brings out the best in you and challenges you more. youll know the right thing to do once you see other sides of their personality.
posted by jessica on 12/29/2007

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