relationship advice (post new situation)
"i really like himm."
okayy so theres this guyy and i rlly like him a whole lot see i dated him a while ago but i moved away and we had to break up and now that im back weve been tlkn and im pretty sure that he likes me too bc he gets kinda jealous if i tlk to other guyys .. sooo and i rlly wanna date himm bc weve been tlkn bout that too but my only problem is i recently broke up with my ex who goes to my church and like my whole church is rlly madd at me for it so they dnt think i should date ne one else but himm bc hes the preachers son and i dnt like himm ne more i lost what lil bit of feelings i had for himm and my church dnt understand ...soo someone tell me what i need to do plz.!!
posted by teela (age 17) on 8/27/2008 @6:30:41 AM •
You do whats right for you ... doesnt matter what your church says, what your family, friends etc say ... If your heart still loves the guy you were with first, and he likes you still then go for it. Try again with him.

At the end of the day you need to concentrate on making yourself happy, not everyone else.
posted by Charl on 8/27/2008

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