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"coworker, roommate, lover?"
my story is long but ill try to make it short. 8 months ago a new guy started at my work. are company payed for him to come from over seas just to work there. shortly after he started work we some how agreed to live to geather.. at this point there was nuthing between us.. we both just needed a better place to live. after a cupple of months of living togeather we started to have sex.. and over time i have fallen head over heals in love with him. last night in a conversation he told me he loved me to death and he knew i loved him but he wouldnt be around forever .. that we might move on.. ( and no we dont consider each other a cupple just friends who **** i guess) i dont know if he knows how in love with him i am and i want to be with him. but i dont know if he is in love with me and i dont want to tell him in fear of driving him away. I am the only person he has gotten close to sence he has been in america. and i dont want to mess it up.. i just dont know what to do.. tell him im in love with him and risk him closeing up to me.. let things be as there are .. or what im so confused..
posted by kacey (age 21) on 9/1/2008 @8:05:30 PM •
Hi: If i were you i will come up and tell the truth. what do you got to lose? He is already talking of leaving anyway. Be honest and ask him if he really loves you or ask him to explain what does he want out of the situation. ir seems to be that out of convinience you two had the relationship. What you did not realize was that your emotions where going to get involved. Men are very different when it comes to sex they may sleep with a thousand women and they do not get emotional involved. so, knowing that do not expect him to come out and serenate you and fall in love with you just because of the sex thing. I'm sorry if I'm being too honest but i hate to see anyone get hurt. Just ask him about his feelings about you and be open. just be careful and do not continue if there is no real purpose of a real relationship for you. Take care and God Bless.
posted by Lana on 9/7/2008

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