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"Fell in love"
I started a fling with a guy at work. At least that was we both wanted in the begining. We are both currently in other relationships that aren't what we would like them to be. We worked together until recently...Since he has left the office we had one night together and I haven't heard from him. He told me he cared about me...And I am falling so deep in love with him. Should I chase him? Should I tell him to what extent I feel for me? Or should I just let him come to me like he has in the past? He told me he didn't want to let me go, but I feel like he has.
posted by lonely on 9/2/2008 @11:23:08 AM •
First things first. My personal opinion is this if you are happy with somebody you must be honest and tell that somebody that you are no longer interested so you can go on with your own life. Second, you should never have personal relationships at home it is not ethical and it lead into disasters. I've seen people that get involved at work and after they break up it become very uncomfortable for both parties and what it's worse everbody talks and gossip about te whole affair. Horrible situation. Third, that guy who you thought care about you seems like he lied to you. If he was honest he would have kept in touch with you. A lot of men are out there just for plain "lust" do not fall prey to these people. Honor yourself as a person and before you get involved with someone think about it. Think about they are all about. do they have something in common with you? Do they respect you? Do they reallly care with actions? because sometimes words are just that words. Value yourself as a person before any man and think about the person who you want to get involved before you jump into bed with them. Remember they might be lusting for you and that's that. and one last thing, always ask God for advice I may be able to give you my humble opinion but he will definetly solve the problem for you. Take care and God Bless
posted by Lana on 9/7/2008

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