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"Sailor needs advice"
Heres my problem-

Im a Sailor stationed on a Naval air base in Europe. I dont fit In with the people I work with becouse I dont drink,smoke or bang anything with two legs(like true sailors.ha ha)
It is hard for me to get off base becouse my car is always broke, and I dont speak the language here.

What should I do? Try to hang out with those people (who already see me as an annoyance) or should I lock myself away in the barracks between work, meals and pt?
posted by Andrew (age 19) on 9/4/2008 @2:55:34 PM •
What I would do in that situation is look for an activity that will keep me occupied in my spare time. Something like going to the park and reading a book there. find other friends, find out if there are any americans living in the area through the embassy. I will keep myself very busy I'm not a follower and do a lot on my own. Hope this help and take care
posted by Lana on 9/7/2008
hey andrew. i'm a CSSN on a frigate. i'm stationed in Pearl Harbor, and i definitely understand. my situation is very similar to yours. i dont party, i dont even have a car, and people here speak the language but its kind of hard for a white mainlander to make friends in hawaii anyway. you know what i do? the first thing is i try to entertain myself as much as possible, and the second thing is i try to find common ground with my shipmates. look for something - anything - that you can connect with the guys on. i also call home a lot and email my family and friends at home a lot. that and depending on how lucky you are, you might run into somebody you knew at RTC or from "A" School. it's a small navy.
i cant really relate to you as an Airedale but i've learned that out here in the world's finest navy, we're all shipmates, and thats what will allow you to possibly make some damn good friends if you try. we learn to stick together in the Navy. true Blue has a different meaning for us.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 9/21/2008

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