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"I'm going crazy"
I live with my boyfriend and he got laid off from his job a few months ago. He collects unemployment, so at least we aren't dealing with financial problems. But the thing is, I find myself getting really annoyed at the fact that I still work a full-time job (overnights) at a job I don't enjoy while he basically gets to do whatever he wants all day. He's looking for a job, but there isn't anything out there at the moment. And sometimes I feel like he doesn't contribute enough around the house either. I'll come home after work and there will be dished piled in the sink and trash all over. And the bathroom always looks gross. So I get really upset, but I can't seem to express myself! I just keep my mouth shut and do what needs to be done. He does the work sometimes, but it feels like it's not often enough considering he has all this free time. But I feel like I'm being unfair, like I can't just expect him to do all of the work either. I get mixed feelings and keep thinking in circles. I just don't know what I should do to make myself less stressed out. I talk myself out of being upset at him by reminding myself that I have free time too that I waste by doing nothing useful and that I'm more than capable of keeping a nice apartment. I'm just so concerned about whether or not I am justified in feeling upset.
posted by Tameka (age 19) on 9/5/2008 @2:56:35 AM •
okayy tameka hunn.. youu need to tell himm how youu feel bc if youu dnt its only gonna get worse and maybe youu guyys could maybe just do the house work together after youu get off work and to make the house work les stressfull and not so much to do he could just pick up after himself like wash a bowl eveyrn now and then afte rhe gets done eatin out of it.. maybe this will help u im not suer if i said the right things butt thats what i would do..good luck.
posted by teela (age 17) on 9/8/2008

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