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well the other day i went to my friends house and we hung out with some of her older friends from ages 16-19. i new the people because my older brother used to be friends with them so i didnt see anything wrong with it. they all seemed normal i mean they smoked but thats it. me and one of the 16 yr olds started talking and we are actually boyfriend and girfriend now. well when i got back home i told my brother i hung out with them and he told me they were major druggies and my mom started freaking out and told me not to ever hang out with them again...yes i finaly found out that two of the guys there did do drugs but my boyfriend has never done anything but smoke. i havnt told my mom were together yet because she wont believe that he's drug free and she doesnt trust him at all when shes never even met him! i dont know what to do because we cant see eachother or call eachother because she thinks hes going to get me into drugs! ive been in alot of bad relationships and he treats me great i love him and he loves me but my mom just wont stay out of the way, i know shes just looking out for me but shes over-reacting about somone shes never met, seen, or talked to before! can anybody please help me? im so confused, stressed, and just cant stop crying from things that have happened the past few days. i dont have anyody to talk to so i feel the need to cut to relieve my stress. so please help...
posted by haley (age 14) on 9/7/2008 @9:45:06 PM •
Haley sweetie i hope you see this. i see that this post is about two weeks old, so i hope you check back. it doesnt make any sense to hurt yourself like that. it might make you feel like it relieves stress but you're just putting yourself in danger. it really scares me when i get on WordofAdvice and i read such terrible things from kids your age. you are too young to have this much drama in your life. my recommendation is to get your boyfriend to show your mom that she can trust him. it wont be easy but its the only way. and please stop letting all these things stress you out so much. i hate to sound like an adult that doesnt understand, but you have to believe me, you are 14. your social life right now is not that serious. you're not even going to know most of the people you hang out with 10 years from now. when you get to be my age and beyond, then you'll learn what a bad relationship is, and what love really is. these things have different meanings for a kid. and i'm not trying to be belittling. i'm just trying to put it in perspective for you. so please stop worrying so much. and dont cut yourself anymore.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 9/21/2008
If i were you i would get my mom to meet him. talk to your mom and see if she will at least meet him and talk to him may be even meet his parents and may be things will start to get better. You are soo young and its prob weird hearing this but u really are well when i was 14 i felt like i was 16 but now that im 18 it sucks cuz im an adult even tho i dont act like one. It is true u prob wont see these ppl or still be friends with them within the next 10 years. I understand what ur going thru my mom acted the same way towards me and my bf an thats y i had a couple bfs that she didnt even knw about...but then finally i find a guy i actully care about and my parents didnt like him well it just sooo happen that he wasnt as special to me as i thought..anyway i cant tell u not to be sad but cheer up hope for the best if its really ment to be things will go the right way in the long run.
posted by kristen (age 18) on 10/2/2008
hey hun. you are surely in a pickle. lol well i was into drugs and such and my best bet is to stay away from druggies. but if you are sure that hes not then convince that to your mom. talk to her, i know it might seem kinda weird but if u have a good talk with ur madre things should go a lil well. just make sure this guy is a good one and not using you for anythng sexual, ok hun. :)
posted by Brielle (age 16) on 10/7/2008

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