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"The Unintentional Other Woman"
Two years ago I started back to school to complete my Bachelor's degree after the death of my sister. I was going for about 6 months when I was forced into a new school group with an older man and two of my friends. He was charming, well dressed, and inteliigent. He and I talked occasionally on the phone but mainly about school. At some point in these interactions he expressed his interest in me. I have always been attracted to older men.
Well, the web gets bigger... he comes to my place and we were working on a project and the deal was made.
We have been spending time together ever since. Recently, I found out that I was pregnant (with twins no less) and that he was married this entire time. When I asked why he never told me, he stated, "You never asked..."

He was right but he gave none of the married signals....we did things on the weekends we talked when he was at home....WTF!??!
Now we are forced to remain cordial on some level for hte sake of the kids.... I am still emotionally attached as I see him weekly in school.... AUGH! I really honestly want out, but my heart is so invested. ****No personal bashing please, just advice. This is hard enough already!***
posted by Jae (age 24) on 9/10/2008 @5:10:03 PM •
Oh my you poor thing. What a dog he is. It was his obligaton as the married party to state that fact.Is he still married? Does the wife know of the twins. Im sure this has been very difficult for you and having to see him all the time. Maybe you can transfer schools ? i know it should not be up to you to have to be the one to leave but if you truly want to not see him maybe that is the only option? im so sorry. good luck sweetie.
posted by kk (age 33) on 10/1/2008

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