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"Best friend wants to cheat on wife."
I have known my friend "J" for almost a year and he has been married for almost two. Recently "J" has told me that he is not happy with his marriage and that he is strongly considering cheating on his wife. I don't really like her much anyways, she's a slob and refuses to do much of anything. The thing is he is only 23 and she is 32, so she already had her wild times where as, he has not. Well, last week "J" told me that he loves me, not in the friendly I love you but as in the I love you more than a friend. He told me he really wants to cheat on "Mary" with me, and the thing is, I want to, but then have so much guilt and I wouldn't want anyone to do that to me, so I'm pretty hesitant but a part of me wants to very badly. I just don't know what to do...
posted by "Kari" (age 23) on 9/10/2008 @11:36:21 PM •
Well the cheating w/ him i dont think is a good idea. Especially for you if he really is in love w/ you why just cheat w/ you why not divorce her and the 2 of you take a chance and see where it goes? Why would he want to stay in a marriage that he doesnt want? Sounds like he wants his cake and eat it too...
posted by kk (age 33) on 10/1/2008

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