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"hurricane baby"
on 9/04/08 i had my daughter by c-section. today she is only 9 days old and hurricane ike just hit. we didnt get a lot of it but the power went out, we got rain, and we got some wind. my fiance stayed with his family and they just like to sit around all day, plus i cannot stand his annoying ass mom so i stayed with my family. his mom got to spend 2 nights at our house to help take care of the baby and now i wanted to spend some time with my family, but his mom is acting like im trying to keep her from the baby. i dont think i should feel bad for wanting to spend time with my family and have fun but should i feel bad that she thinks im trying to keep her from the baby? i know im not keeping her from her grandchild but she feels that way and i just want the old girl to leave me alone and quit trying to tell me how to reaise my kid and to quit calling her "it" so the other question is how do i get her to leave me alone without making her feel that way?
posted by leanne (age 19) on 9/13/2008 @10:27:38 PM •
just be honest. just be perfectly honest. open communication is the only way to solve a problem between two people, no matter what the situation. if she is a reasonable woman, she'll understand. and if she's not, what you do with your life and how you raise your daughter is ultimately your decision, and she'll just have to deal with that.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 9/21/2008

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