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"more of a mother"
i am dating a fantastic guy most of the time hes caring and everything i no lucky me but he also treats me like his mother i clean wash his clothes look after him and everything and im fed up of it im ment to be his gf what can i do to get him to treat me like an equal!!!
posted by jess (age 18) on 9/14/2008 @10:51:35 AM •
first: stop doing these things for him. if he complains, let him have it. yell at him old-fashioned-style and tell him exactly where he screwed up. he sounds like he needs to be matured a little. and i bet you can handle that. ;)
posted by Joe (age 20) on 9/21/2008
Deff stop doing all those things for him and once he notices then tell him you are not his maid and you dont want to clean up after him like his mama would ! he will will straighten up real quick!
posted by kk (age 33) on 10/1/2008

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