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My parents abused me as a child. I was then sexually abused by a school teacher. I've led a rough life due this upbringing. I was never the good parent that I had wanted to be to my own children.I think most people, including my kids just consider me a screwed up person-sort of a loser. If I could tell my kids about the life I led as a child I think they could better understand how things went so wrong. But if I tell,especially the whole truth, they could probably never feel the same about their grandparents (who have been good to my kids).Besides, when I have tried to talk about any of this, my parents claim "it never happened". They would tell my kids as much, and I don't know how I could prove otherwise. Please advise me. I am just so tired of everyone believing that I just "chose" to be the way I am.
posted by bev alexander on 9/15/2008 @12:42:47 PM •
bev, i know if my mom told me that my grandparents had been like that, i'd have a hard time believing it, but i would stand by my mother. and you are right, my view of my grandparents would never be the same, but if you need them to understand, that requires them to know what happened - whatever the result. perhaps your problems could be better addressed by a licensed family therapist.
posted by Joe (age 20) on 9/21/2008
my mom was abused by her parents/my granma and grandpa.theyve always been good to me n my sister tell them.depending on age.theyll forgive them
posted by leann (age 18) on 9/26/2008

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