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"friends, drugs, and me"
2 of my really good friends does drugs should I? One of them been my friend for five years.
posted by paige on 12/28/2007 @5:11:14 PM •
Drugs have taken a horrible place in my life. So I can tell you from experience that you dont want them in urs. They can harm you in many ways.If ur friends decide to choose that path it does not mean you have to.They will still like u the same even if ur not using drugs. and if they dont, what kind of friends are they in the first place?
posted by Just another Friend on 12/28/2007
even if your friends do drugs you shouldnt. and if they start calling you names because you wont do drugs then they really arent as good of friends as you thought they were. But trust me, you dont want to do drugs, if anyone catches you, you can go to jail.
posted by Marrisa on 12/28/2007
Once drugs are in your life you can never get them out. Instaed of doing it, you should help your friends break the habit
posted by koko on 1/8/2008

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