relationship advice (post new situation)
Their is a guy at school who i am really good friends with and I like him a lot more then a friend.....but, today he told me he like my BEST FRIEND!? What should i do?
posted by Jessica (age 13) on 9/24/2008 @1:18:12 PM •
Hey, Jessica, I say you should go up to him and tell him how you really feel about him. Although, he doesn't feel the same way, it will still feel better about telling him!
posted by Meghan (age 15) on 9/24/2008
I think you should tell him even tho he likes your friend honesty is best and it may save hurt feelings later? Good luck sweetie!
posted by kk (age 33) on 10/1/2008
i was in that situation alot when i was your age. just be like, u know i used to like you and see how he would react to that.
posted by Brielle (age 16) on 10/7/2008

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